Help Menbe's Way Change Lives

Help Menbe's Way Change Lives

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Thank you for contributing to the Menbe's Way 11th Annual Day of Giving Thanks

Many of you have been asking about Menbe's annual Thanksgiving event, she is happy to announce that she will be hosting the 11th annual dinner this year - we are expecting almost 500 attendants.

This year, the Thanksgiving dinner will be at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) Kitchen located at 165 22nd Street, Richmond CA 94801. Among many other services, GRIP provides hot meals every day from 11:30 to 12:45. Menbe has had the pleasure of serving meals there several times a week since the restaurant closed, and she can't say enough about the amazing work GRIP is doing.

Menbe says, "As with everything that I do, it's all possible because of your generous support. If you can, please make a tax-deductible donation."

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To “Menbe,” former owner of Saluté e Vita Ristorante, and Richmond Community Foundation Board member, giving back to her community is an essential part of who she is. This inspiring business leader was honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award for her outstanding achievements in public service.

Menbe knows firsthand that a helping hand can make a dramatic difference in a person’s life. Although she’s now a successful business woman, Menbe suffered unspeakable hardships in the past and in fact, was once homeless herself.

Each year, Menbe invites hundreds of struggling veterans and others in need to her elegant restaurant for a free fine-dining meal. They are seated at tables set with china and crystal on white tablecloths, and served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with dignity and love.

Throughout the year Menbe hosts many charity events in addition to her Thanksgiving Dinner, including almost a dozen etiquette classes and paying the tuition for 6 children at Northern Lights School in Oakland.

This year, Menbe went above and beyond for mothers in need. On May 12, Salute e Vita Ristorante hosted 75 single, low-income Richmond mothers for brunch after receiving spa trelocal from local salon Beauty by Nature. Menbe continued the celebration on May 13 by creating a 4-course luncheon at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland for 150 mothers who are spending time with their children in the hospital during Mother's Day weekend. It was an elegant affair featuring the finest tableware and and special gifts for devoted mothers.

All money donated here goes directly to Menbe's Way Fund, a donor-advised fund managed by the Richmond Community Foundation , a non-profit dedicated to building healthy, sustainable communities, and will support Menbe's generous gifts to the community!

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  • 1014 Florida Avenue, Suite 200
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    Best wishes for a job always done. You are a very special person and I wish you the very best in your wonderful gestures. Sherry Gordon
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    Sorry for the late contribution. Meant to get this to you in time for Thanksgiving. Continue to respect, appreciate and admire all you do for those who need it most. Your heart is enormous.
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    All the best to you and your good works.
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    Thank you for all you do with such grace.
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    Dedication In Memory of: Albert and Canary Juniel
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    Happy Thanksgiving! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Jonee
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    Keep up the good work, Membe! We miss you! Alan & Jane
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    Happy Thanksgiiving
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    We are so many of us thankful for YOU, Membere! Whether we benefit from your Thanksgiving generosity or just see your lovely way of being!
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    Love you Menbe!
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    Thank you!
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    We miss your wonderful restaurant and the hospitality that went with the delicious food. Much love, Carl
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    Dedication In Memory of: Emmett
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    Dedication In Honor of: Menbe Aklilu
    Your heart is deeply caring and an inspiration to us all.
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