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Erica Goode Fund "Erica Helps"
The Erica T. Goode Memorial Fund

“Erica Helps”

This fund was established in memory of Erica T. Goode by her family in 2019. Erica was a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Richmond Community Foundation and cared deeply about the Richmond community. She was a mainstay of the medical community and was the doctor every patient wanted.

She was deeply involved with matters of public health, especially as it related to children and families living in poverty. She believed that “health” embraced more than just the delivery of medical care; she was concerned about teaching children and young adults nutrition, self-care, reading, critical thinking, and basic economic skills so they could develop and thrive. The fund will support programs and organizations that work to ensure healthy communities that are safe, diverse, and thriving.


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Richmond Community Foundation continues to strive for healthy, thriving communities that are safe and diverse: where families flourish and children are given new hope for a bright and abundant future through five key areas:  Community Growth, Health, Quality Education, Restoring Neighborhoods and Public Safety.