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This year I have the opportunity to serve as Chair of RCF Connects Board, a community foundation with a clear focus on addressing the needs of the Contra Costa Community. I am particularly excited that the Board has embarked on an initiative, Equity for Black Women and Girls, with the focus on determining what is needed to support our Black Women and Girls in the Contra Costa County. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference for many, especially Black Woman and Girls. I ask you to join me in supporting RCF Connects as it continues to do important work for and with the community. .

Connecting Community Through Storytelling

About This Campaign

RCF Connects (previously the Richmond Community Foundation)would like to send our most positive thoughts of health, safety, and overall wellness to you and your loved ones!

As the severity of the global pandemic fell upon us, and our communities endured weeks of violence and unrest, RCF knew we had to take hold of the opportunity and firmly rededicate to our mission, staff, and community. Inspired by the consistent resilience of our communities we are determined to uphold our promise of accountability to Contra Costa County. Our organizational focus remains on power building, systems change, and mobilizing the power of connection to build a healthy, thriving community. Equity is our guiding North Star as we humbly learn how to weave it into the fibers of our infrastructure and plant deep into the heart and soul of RCF Connects.

At its core mission, RCF Connects seeks systematic change that eliminates biased policies, practices, and attitudes that are root causes of inequity. By creating spaces for connection, initiatives for contribution, and empowerment through coaching, we are prioritizing our efforts around: Restoring Neighborhoods, Community Growth, Quality Education, Health, and Public Safety.

Human connection and healthy expression is necessary in thriving communities, plus, we at RCF Connects know that within our communities, we love to tell stories! You are invited to our Power Shift: Sharing Wealth virtual storytelling fundraiser! We hope you join us for the opportunity to build broader awareness for RCF Connects' incredible work as well as raise unrestricted funds to support ongoing sustainability for all our RCF programs. Please consider donating to our Connecting Community Through Storytelling Campaign today! All who contribute to the Connecting Community Through Storytelling Campaign will be automatically registered for our Power Shift: Sharing Wealth storytelling fundraiser and will receive  the access link in a follow up email! 

  1. Peggy Baxter
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  2. Cynthia LeBlanc
    Cynthia LeBlanc gave a $1,000 donation to support Cynthia LeBlanc
    Dedication In Memory of: Rita and David LeBlanc
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    Sharon Franklin gave a $100 donation to support Cynthia LeBlanc
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