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RCF Connects has devoted itself to Amplify the Voices of the people in our community that often go unheard and are historically silenced. Our objective is to be the catalyst to conversation, the bullhorn that blasts the demands of the people, and the microphone against the lips of the good folks who for too long have been neglected, dismissed, and abandoned. We have committed ourselves to providing the tools, opportunities, and platforms to ensure that our community's voices are HEARD and systems change is REALIZED.

We invite you to join us! With your new or increased donation to RCF Connects, you are reinforcing the authentic narratives, bold leadership, growth, advocacy, and opportunities we need to amplify healthy, thriving, and equitable communities!


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RCF Connects mobilizes the power of connection to build healthy, thriving, equitable communities. Together, we will realize our vision of a Contra Costa County supported by systems of equity and justice, free from racism, bias, and discrimination.