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Power Shift: Sharing Wealth

Power Shift: Sharing Wealth
RCF Connects would like to invite you to Power Shift: Sharing Wealth!
This virtual storytelling fundraiser has been designed for donors and community members alike to join and hear authentic, captivating, stories from our community leaders. Our event program is full of stories that speak to what shifting power looks like and how we can redefine and re-examine our own wealth to better learn how we ALL can contribute to a healthy, thriving Contra Costa County. Join our FREE virtual storytelling fundraiser to hear stories from:
-Cynthia LeBlanc, RCF Connects Board Chair and former teacher, principal, and superintendent of West Contra Costa Unified School District
-Vy Vo, Healthy Richmond Campaign Manager
-Greg Medley, RCF Connects Board Director and Bethel Community Service Executive Director
-Stacey Street, RCF Connects COO alongside a Corporate Advisors Panel
-Kelly Robinson, RCF Connects Coach and Principal of Coach to Discover
-Linda Gonzalez, RCF Connects Coach and author of Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling

PLEASE REGISTER ABOVE to join us on June 24th from 7pm-9pm for our Power Shift: Sharing Wealth Storytelling Fundraiser! We are accepting Sponsorships now! Please click more to learn about different giving tiers! ANY and ALL donations are welcomed!

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  2. Tracy Miller
    Tracy Miller

    I’m super excited

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  3. John Zauner
    John Zauner gave a $500 donation
    This is my dad - he doesn't expect to be recognized as sponsor, he just wanted to donate. - Jenn Z Clauson (board member :)
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  4. Rich Windatt
    Rich Windatt gave a $500 donation
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  5. Norman C. Lundberg
    Norman C. Lundberg gave a $2,000 donation
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  6. Victoria Pao
    Victoria Pao gave a $500 donation
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  7. Mack5
    Mack5 gave a $500 donation
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  8. Jennifer Zauner Clauson
    Jennifer Zauner Clauson gave a $2,000 donation
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  9. Stacey Street
    Stacey Street gave a $500 donation
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  10. Bay Crossings
    Bay Crossings gave a $500 donation
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  11. James Becker
    James Becker gave a $500 donation
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  12. Josh & Elaina Genser
    Josh & Elaina Genser gave a $5,000 donation
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  13. Emerald HPC International, LLC
    Emerald HPC International, LLC gave a $500 donation
    We support your efforts to change the narrative around sharing wealth, supporting equity & inclusion, and building solidarity & power in our communities!
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